In my opinion, Achilles is not a hero. Even though he won the battle and saved his people, I do not think he is a good hero. The first reason I feel this way is because after he killed Hector, he denied Hector’s parents his body. He refused to give Hector a proper burial or even let his parents see or have their sons body. Before Achilles killed Hector, Hector’s last wish was that he give his body to his parents but Achilles denied him that and killed him. Achilles even drug Hector’s body around attached to a chariot which was an insult to Hector and his culture. I think this shows that Achilles does not have good character which makes him a bad hero.

Hector’s father, Priam, came to Achilles to beg for his sons body back. His father cried and mourned for Hector and his other children that had died in front of Achilles. Achilles started crying about the loss of his cousin and best friend, Patroclus, with Priam. I think this showed that Achilles has a lot of weakness which is not a quality of a good hero. Achilles eventually gave Hector’s body to his father, but he should have done that right after he killed Hector.


Rewrite of The Prodigal Son

There was an old, very wealthy man that lived in Los Angeles, California and had two sons. When his sons turned eighteen, they got their inheritance which was a mansion for each of them. The oldest son moved into his mansion and always kept it nice and clean. The younger son sold his mansion and got a flight to Spain. In Spain he blew all of his money in four months partying and buying things for random girls he met. He had just enough money to fly back home to his dad before he was completely broke.

When he arrived home, his dad was so happy to see him that he gave him his guest house. Even though the younger son had blown all his inheritance, his father forgave him. The older son was very angry about his brother getting off the hook so easily so his father told him that he had missed his younger son. He said that he learned his lesson and now he is home for good.

Flood Stories

In English class we read two stories about a great flood that flooded the whole earth. I thought it was very interesting to find out that many cultures around the world all had stories about a great flood. They all described it very similar too. In the Epic of Gilgamesh, Gilgamesh travels to see Utnapishtim so he can ask him what the secret to eternal life is. Utnapishtim expresses to Gilgamesh that eternal life is not a gift, it is a curse. Utnapishtim also tells Gilgamesh how he got eternal life. The gods were angry with the humans being so loud that they could not sleep so they flooded the earth. One of the gods felt bad about it so she warned Utnapishtim and told him to save the animals too. Utnapishtim built a large boat and saved himself and his wife.

Noah’s story is very similar to The Epic of Gilgamesh. In Noah’s story, the humans on earth become very corrupt so God decides to flood the earth and wipe them out. Noah was a very righteous man so God told him to build an arc and save himself and the animals. Noah built the arc and saved the animals on earth, himself, and his family. This shows that the two stories are very alike. I think since there are so many flood stories from different cultures around the world that are very similar, there actually was a great flood.

Sweet Tooth

Ever since I was little my parents told me I had the biggest sweet tooth. I would try to eat dessert after every meal. I used to be convinced that my stomach was divided into two sections where one side was for food, and the other side was for dessert. I was a chubby little kid if you couldn’t guess that already.

Since I’ve gotten older, I still haven’t grown out of my love for sugary foods. Every week at the grocery I get a chocolate wave cake and eat a slice of it almost every night of the week. On my birthday this year my mom brought me six cupcakes from a little cupcake shop in town just because she knows how much I like sweets. I haven’t grown out of desserts, but I’ve learned to eat them in moderation so that I can still maintain a healthy lifestyle.



First Post

For my first post I was told to write about anything. As I began thinking about what to write, I found that it was much harder to write about anything I wanted to than it would be if I had a prompt to write about. I’m beginning to draw a blank so I’ll just tell you about my first day back at school this semester.

Last semester a few people in my grade switched out of my school and I heard that our waiting list was completely empty. This is why I was so surprised to find out that we now have three new students. This semester is actually really different than last semester was. I was surprised at how different it is because I only changed three classes. I went from having Gym, Geometry, and Spanish II, to having English II, Special Topics Algebra, and World Civilizations. So far this semester has been much harder than last semester but hopefully it will get easier.