Wake up early even though you’re tired
Like a zombie you start the day
Not knowing how you will make it
You get up and do it anyway
Throughout the day you struggle
At the end of the day you finally get in bed
Only to do the same thing the next and every other day

Children are so full of life
Just looking at them can brighten your day
They never have any worries
And you never want them to go away
They will eventually grow up and become like us
One day they will be gone even though we wish they would stay

The Angel of Death
I’m very sick and there is no hope
This is why I tend to mope
Walking down an alley all alone
It’s not bad since I’m use to being on my own
I walk without a purpose just to clear my mind
But now I hear something coming up from behind
It’s cold and dark and coming at me fast
I can’t run away so I become something of the past

Spring Mornings (Tanka)
Spring mornings are bright
A haze covers the sky
Dew covers the ground
Nature becomes colorful
New life sprouts

School (Ballad)
School is very boring
It leaves everyone snoring
School makes you wake up early
And the teachers behave firmly
I would rather be at home
School makes minutes seem like hours
And leaves you feeling like you have no power
School makes you do endless amounts of work
And when kids pick on you they get an evil smirk
I would rather be at home

My Mind (Haiku)
What am I thinking
I feel blankness in my head
I don’t understand

Big and white
You light up the night
You shine through the darkness
And show in nights that are starless
You are large and round
And are very high off the ground
You are something many people are fond of
And you bring faith, hope, and love

My Friends
My friends are the craziest people I know
Their great personalities really show
They are always by my side
They help me and are my guide
They act like a nut
But most importantly are there for me no matter what

Silence is the lack of sound
It is nothingness all around
It can be lonely at times
You could even hear the drop of a dime
It causes you to think
You even notice your eyes blink
It can cause you to be very bored
Or give you time to pray to the lord
It causes you to stare at the wall
But is it really anything at all

Help (Petrarchan Sonnet)

People are slowly destroying the earth
We are polluting our own air
We are stripping the world bare
The world has so much worth

It is the place of birth
What we are doing is not fair
To fix this problem we must take better care
We must give the world a rebirth

We have to fix it before it’s out of our hands
We have to change now we cannot wait
We need to stop or the earth will fall

Stop polluting on our land
Hurry before it is too late
This will eventually kill us all



I think my shape poem and The Angel of Death are my best poems because they show my writing ability the best.


Response to the Spider Story

Out of all the short stories we read in class this week, the spider story was my favorite. In the spider story, the spider wants the stories that are told about God to be told about him instead. He goes to God and asks him if the stories told about God can be told about him so God tells him that they can if can complete three tasks. God tells him to bring him a swarm of bees, a python, and a leopard. These tasks seem imposssible at first but the spider accepts the challenge.

First the spiders goes into the forest and finds a swarm of bees. He has a glass jar with him and he tells the bees that he got into an argument with a friend about the bees being able to fit into the jar. He says that his friend thinks they won’t fit so all the bees fly into the jar to try to prove him wrong. Then the spider closes the lid and takes them to God. The spider uses very smart ways like how he got the bees to get the python and the leopard too. I liked this story the best because at the beginning you think there is no way that the spider could accomplish these things but he does.



The Norwegian Rat

The Norwegian Rat is a story about people being attacked by rats. Their government keeps telling them about these terrible rat attacks that are happening where rats are harming cats and even humans. The governement tells them to do many things to keep away the rats like putting cats everywhere around their buildings and putting rat poison around thier houses and buildings. By telling the people these things, the government makes them scared about the rat attacks and it distracts them.

I think the government is talking about the rat attacks to distract the people from what is actually going on. I think a war is about to start and the government is trying to hide it from the people. They are witholding information and manipulating the citizens by telling them there are rat attacks and to prepare for them. I think this makes their own government the real enemy, not the rat attacks.



Reading a Book vs Watching the Movie

When a lot of movies are made based off of books, they usually change it a lot when they make it into a movie. The question is, if you read a book and the movie is different, is it worth seeing the movie? I think it is because you get to see how they tried to potray the book and then see what they changed to build suspense for a movie. When they make a movie out of a book, they have to change some parts to add suspense or to shorten it or to even just help it make more sense. In movies, they have to show the things that are described to you in the book so it is hard to make it exactly the same.
In class we read part of The Lord of The Rings and then watched that same part of the movie. In the movie there were a lot of changes than in what we had read from the book. In the book the beats of the drum just started happening, but in the movie someone made a loud noise which caused the beats of the drum to start. I think they added this into the movie to build suspense. They also gave some of the characters lines to different characters and I think this was to make it flow better. Some people don’t like movies where they change the book but I think it is interesting to watch what they changed. Just because they changed it doesn’t always mean that it isn’t as good as the book, it’s just different.



The Tragedy of Julius Caesar Challenges Absolute Monarchy

The Tragedy of Julius Caesar could be argued that it supports democracy or challenges absolute monarchy. I do not think the play supports democracy but that it challenges absolute monarchy. There are many things said in the play by many different characters that support my opinion.

In act one scene one Marullus says that people can be easily swayed. I think this means that people can easily change their mind or have their mind changed by others. If one single person is the ruler then they can easily change their mind or change important decisions they have to make. This shows that just one person should not have all that power. In act one scene two Cassius talks about how there should be equality. He thinks that Caesar should not have all the power that he has and that Cassius should have just as much power as Caesar. Cassius also talks about how there is corruption when one person has power. He thinks if Caesar is the king then he will get overcome by power and become corrupt.

In act two scene one Brutus talks about how corruption comes with power too. He says that absolute power corrupts and he thinks that bad things will happen if Caesar becomes the king. In the play Brutus also says that he would no longer want to be in the senate if Caesar became the king. He thinks that if Caesar becomes king then he will not have a say in the government at all anymore so he does not want him as king.

In act three scene one Caesar describes himself as being as constant as the North Star. He says that he cannot be swayed which shows that he does not take anyone else’s opinion into consideration. After he says this, he gets killed because of it. This shows that as a ruler Caesar made selfish decisions and did not care about what his people or the senators thought was right. The power went to his head and causes him to make selfish decisions. In act three scene one Cassius and Brutus talk about how they will have freedom if they kill Caesar. This shows that having absolute monarchy can cause people to feel like they do not have freedom.

I think this play points out a lot of things that are wrong with having an absolute monarchy. I do not think it supports democracy because only a few things in it could support democracy and most of it is just criticizing absolute monarchy. Many things that characters say and do show the weaknesses of an absolute monarchy and challenge it.



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Main Character of The Tragedy of Julius Caesar

In the play, The Tragedy of Julius Caesar, it is unclear who the main character is. You could argue that Cassius, Brutus, Antony, or Caesar is the main character. You could argue any of them because because they all play very important roles in the play. I think that Julius Caesar is the main character of the play.

One reason I think Julius Caesar is the main is because the play is named after him. Usually the name of a play has to do with what it is about and this play is named “The Tragedy of Julius Caesar”. I also think the main character is Caesar because in most of the monologues and soliloquys, people were almost always talking about Caesar. In the first soliloquy of the play, Cassius talks about how he doesn’t like Caesar. One of the main monologues of the play is the funeral speech of Caesar.

Another reason I think Caesar is the main character is because he is the ruler over Rome and when the war breaks out, most of Rome wants revenge for his death. In the play, Marc Antony is called ” a limb of Caesar “. I think this shows that Caesar is more important and more powerful than the other characters in the play. This is a very important reason I think Caesar is the main character.

After Caesar is murdered, a civil war breaks out in Rome. The conspirators and citizens that did’t like Caesar have an army and Marc Antony, Octavius, and the citizens of Rome that want to avenge Caesar’s death have an army. This civil war took up a very big part of the play and was  very important in the play. A lot of main characters died in the war so the war is needed in the play and the war wouldn’t have even happened if Caesar hadn’t been murdered. The last reason I think Caesar is the main character is because even after he was killed, he still remained in the play. When every other character that died in the play died, they were not in the play. When Julius Caesar died, he came back as a ghost to Brutus so he was still in the play even after he had been killed.

The Tragedy of Julius Caesar is a story about Caesar ruling Rome, the plotting of Caesar’s death, and a war between the people that killed Caesar and the people that want to avenge his death. This shows that there would not even be a plot for the story at all without Caesar. I think this makes him the main character of the play. He was in the play all the way through even after he was killed and Marc Antony was called “a limb” of him. Other characters could be argued as the main character but the play would still function without them but there would be no play without Caesar. I think all of these things show that Caesar is the most important and necessary character to the play. There would not be a play without his character.



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