Reflection on class

I feel like this English class has helped me to grow my writing ability a lot. I can be given any topic or just a single question and write at least two paragraphs about it. We didn’t read any actual books in this class but we read a lot of short stories out of our literature books. Some of them were kind of hard to read but I think it helped me to be able to comprehend harder stories better. I liked having prompts to write about in this class because it gives you a little bit of direction but you can still be creative with it. I actually really enjoyed having the blog to do this semester.

My favorite stories were probably the Spider story and The Long Exile. The Spider story was about a spider named Anansi who wanted stories to be told about him. He outsmarted many animals and brought them to God so that the stories told about God would be told about him instead. The long exile was about a man that was traveling and got blamed for a murder he did not commit. He goes to jail and later meets the man that framed him but he gets closer to God with this experience. I really liked a lot of the stories we read in class and I liked when we got to read stories and watch the movies that went along with them. This experience helped me to enjoy reading and writing more.,%20L.%20Tolstoy.pdf


How I Will Change the World

In the year 2020 I will use my magic powers to change the world. I will change everything and make the world a much happier and enjoyable place. I will change it physically and change how people perceive each other and the world. No one will have to go to work or school and we will all live in a perfect utopia with peace.
I will start by removing all of the large industrial buildings, any work buildings, and schools from the earth. I will only keep a few of the very big cities because I think they look beautiful at night with all their lights. Then I will cover the earth in lots of soft, plush grass and keep some of the pretty plants. I will also keep the beaches but make them really safe. Then I will make all of the animals friends with the humans so they don’t try to harm each other. I will also change the climate to warm and sunny but with a nice breeze.
After I change the earth physically, I will make everyone on earth peaceful people and make them nice to one another. This will keep in our new world and limit issues. We will not have to work to make money either. There will be no money and everyone will share. Without any help from humans, the earth will produce tons of food so no one will go hungry. The earth will even grow cooked foods and foods like pizza and cake.
After I do this I will eliminate all of the diseases and infections of the world and make sure all people have good health and are at a healthy weight. I will also give everyone everlasting life and no one will ever have to die. I will also give everyone anything they want as long as it doesn’t harm anyone else or threaten to mess up our new world. People can even have any of the objects like they have now on earth.
This will be a perfect place with peace and happiness. No one will have to stress about anything like work or school. Everyone will get along and be nice to one another. Nothing in the environment will harm anyone or anything and the animals will get alone with the humans. No one will even have to die. This is how I will use my magic powers to change the world.



Letter to self

Dear me in 10 years,
You made it so far! I want to tell you some things about myself so you can see how far you’ve come and how much has changed the past 10 years. Right now I am a sophomore in high school so I’m sure everything has changed a lot.
I want to become either a veterinarian or a doctor in the future because I love animals. Everyone keeps telling me that veterinary school is very difficult so I don’t know if I can do it. I am very scared of snakes and spiders but I am working on getting over my fear of spiders. There is a spider living in my bathroom right now and I have not killed it because I’m trying to get over my fear and coexist with it. We had a very long and very cold winter so a bunch of the plants in our yard have died. The huge brown tree is still there though.
My favorite foods are chocolate cake, rice krispies, and pizza. The best chocolate cake ever is the chocolate wave cake from Meijer. My pet peeves are when people ask the same question more than once and when people act like they are better than everyone else. My favorite things are the beach and watching netflix in my warm fuzzy blanket.
I am playing soccer and softball for my school which are very fun. Sports at my school have helped me make a lot of friends and have something fun to do in my free time. They are a lot of work but it’s worth it. Prom is coming up and I’m very excited because it will be the first prom I’ve ever been to. Summer is also almost here and I’m very excited for it too. I am eligible to get my intermediate drivers license but I haven’t taken the test yet because I’m nervous I’ll fail. In the summer I will be able to drive to the pool on my own since I can get my intermediate. I’m excited to just swim and watch movies all summer. I watch My Sister’s Keeper and The Time Traveler’s Wife a lot in the summer.
I’m sure things are much different now in your life than they are now for me. I’m happy that you’ve come so far in your life and there are so many questions I wish I could ask you. I just want to tell you to always try your hardest at everything you do, especially at the things that are most important to you. Always give everything your full effort and don’t have any regrets. Good luck with the rest of your life I know you can go far!