Pearl Harbor Movie Review

(Spoiler Alert)
Pearl Harbor is a movie about how the Japanese had a surprise attack on America. It is going on during World War II. Two men that grew up together, Rafe and Danny, join the Army Air Corps. There is a nurse named Evelyn working there at the time and she and Rafe fall in love. Rafe is then offered a mission to go off and fly in the air corps and cannot pass it up. Rafe leaves and is later reported dead in a plane crash. After this, his friend Danny and Evelyn get in a relationship from bonding over the loss of Rafe. Rafe then returns a few months later and is not happy to find them together. Evelyn decides to stay with Danny and tells only Rafe that she is having Danny’s baby before Rafe and Danny go off on their mission. While away Danny takes a bullet for Rafe and Rafe tells him about Evelyn being pregnant. Danny tells Rafe to take care of them and then dies.

I would highly recommend this movie to people that like drama and romance movies because of the war and love triangle that it has. I wouldn’t recommend this movie to people with short attention spans because it is a very long movie and it was hard for me to stay focused through the whole three hours of it. It is kind of a cheesy movie but has some humor that I enjoyed. There were some very dramatic parts in the movie but I think they balanced it out well with some funny parts. I feel like the movie was more focused around the love triangle going on between Rafe, Danny, and Evelyn than it was on World War II and the Japanese bombing. It was almost similar to the movie Titanic. It was similar to Titanic because there was historical accuracy and a lot of historic events going on during the movie which was the base for it, but it was almost overcome by the love story. If you are more focused on watching a movie about the historical events of Pearl Harbor rather than a love story I would not recommend this movie to you. I thought Kate Beckinsale played the part of Evelyn very well. She was kind of mysterious and dramatic enough for the movie but still could be humorous. I also thought Ben Affleck played the part of Rafe very well. He was kind of dramatic and made the part very realistic. I liked the part when Rafe when in to see Evelyn to get a shot and he asked her out. She gave him the shot when he wasn’t expecting it and he yelled. Then he asked her out on a date which she accepted. This was one of my favorite parts because I thought it was very funny and made the movie seem less dramatic. I liked the movie but I think it would be better if there was more about Pearl Harbor and fighting scenes and less drama. I would also like it better if they shortened it because three hours was too long for most people’s attention spans.

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Wizard of Oz Movie Review

The Wizard of Oz is about a teenage girl named Dorothy who’s house is picked up by a tornado and her and her dog end up in the land of Oz. Her house lands on a wicked witch and all the munchkins that were being tormented by her are very grateful to Dorothy. Dorothy then meets a good fairy while she is in munchkin land and asks her for help getting back home. The fairy tells Dorothy that the only person who can get her home is the wizard of Oz, so Dorothy sets off with her dog, Toto, to find the wizard. On her journey she meets a scarecrow who wishes he had a brain, a lion with no courage, and a tin man that wants a heart. They go with Dorothy to find the wizard hoping that he will be able to give each of them what they want. On their journey they are constantly sabotaged by the wicked witch of the west because she blames Dorothy for the house falling on her sister, the wicked witch of the east. After overcoming many obstacles along the way, they finally get to the wizard of Oz. At first he is rude to them and will not help them. He eventually is shown to be a real man with no special powers but in the end each person finds what they were looking for.
Judy Garland played the role of Dorothy great. She always had some sadness in her voice longing for home and wasn’t too dramatic or eager. I think this movie was made to help kids through the struggles of growing up and having to do things on your own without your parents. There are good friends that can help you through this process like the lion, scarecrow, and tin man were to Dorothy in the movie. I thought the movie also showed that everyone, even the people you think are incredible, are regular people and they have their faults. The wizard of Oz turned out to be just a regular man but he still helps each person realize that they had what they were looking for all along.
I really liked the costumes used for the flying monkeys. They were interesting and very realistic looking for their time. I also liked how in the wizard of Oz’ castle it seemed like you were there. The wizard yells at Dorothy and her friends and it almost makes you jump and feel frightened for them. I would really recommend this film to adults and children. It shows the struggles of growing up and is good for adults to watch to reminisce in them becoming independent. It is a great family movie and loved by tons of people everywhere.

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