Gatsby Day Reflection

When I first walked into the library, I didn’t see many decorations but I liked the lights on the table and thing to walk through. There were a lot of different kinds of foods. First we had to wait for a while for the people that were in other classes. Once everyone arrived, we started the fashion show, then danced, ate caviar, and ate the rest of the food.
First was the fashion show. For the fashion show, girls lined up on one side of the room and the boys lined up on the other side. The boy and girl at the end of each line would meet in the middle and walk down through the rest of the people. At the end they would pose for a picture and then get back in line. I liked watching the fashion show because some people added something creative to it while they walked down.
After the fashion show, the dance committee divided up the boys and girls and taught us the Charleston. Salwa taught me and she did a very good job. I learned that the Charleston consists of taking steps forward and back, steps with kicks, spins, and moving your knees. I also learned that the boy and girl parts of the Charleston are the same except they start with different feet. After everyone learned the Charleston, there was a dance contest. Nat and Ruby won the contest and they were also in the dance committee.
After the contest, everyone had to try caviar on a cracker. They are little black fish eggs that taste very salty. I didn’t think they tasted bad, but just salty tasting. After trying the caviar, you got to walk through the entrance again and eat the buffet of food everyone brought. Everyone had to sign up to bring a certain food for a grade. I signed up and brought the tea and lemonade. I thought all the food was delicious, but some of my favorites were the spinach dip, chicken minis, and homemade truffles. Lauren made the spinach dip and Alex Blose made the homemade truffles.
I loved reading The Great Gatsby and thought it was a great book. I like how we get to learn more about the 1920’s with the Gatsby Day activity. My favorite things were learning the Charleston and getting to eat all the food everyone brought. . It was a very fun experience and I would like to do more things similar to it.


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